Measure, Conserve & Improve

The world needs transformational technology that better measures the changes in our environment, to enable faster, more informed decision making that conserves and improves life on our planet.

Making A Real Difference

With superior quality images and at a lower cost than satellites, crewed aircraft or drones, our solar-powered stratospheric aircraft will provide game-changing technology for earth observation. Greater access to quality, more frequent aerial imagery means organisations will work faster, and with more focus, to make the change when it matters most.

The stratosphere provides a sweet spot for cost-effective, high-resolution aerial imaging, providing a full data picture for monitoring land, waterways and coastline. View current projects.

Environmental Monitoring

You can’t fix a problem that you can’t see. Monitor changes in the environment by detecting pollution on land and in waterways, as well as assessing coastal erosion and biodiversity loss.

Smart Cities

Improve vehicle traffic flow, better monitoring of housing changes, urban pollution and infrastructure projects, as well as better management of green spaces.

Precision Farming

Increase farm productivity, while reducing costly water and fertiliser use, with improved data and analysis tools.  Protect biodiversity and better manage mahinga kai on farms.

Maritime Awareness

Monitor New Zealand’s maritime Exclusive Economic Zone, of over 4 million square kilometres, to seek out illegal fishing boats, search and rescue, Antarctic research and marine research.

Disaster Management

Better manage natural disasters such as earthquakes, tsunamis, avalanches, floods and fires. A stratospheric aircraft can continually dwell over areas where people need assistance.


Increase the frequency of monitoring forest areas to improve tree health, detect invasive plant species, pests, and disease, assess fire risk, and quantify above-ground biomass and carbon content.

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