Our Journey To The Stratosphere

Untapped opportunity awaits 20 kilometres above the Earth
and we’re building the aircraft to reach it.

Stepping Up To The Stratospheric Challenge

Powered by the sun, our remotely-piloted aircraft will fly continuously in the stratosphere for months at a time to collect aerial imagery that fills your data gap with more accessible intelligence.

Our prototype smaller-scale version of the Kea Atmos is scheduled to fly in the stratosphere in 2024. Meanwhile, solar-powered prototype aircraft and high-altitude balloons are being flown to test subsystems and hardware. View current projects.


Kea Atmos

Solar-powered, and remotely piloted the Kea Atmos flies for months at a time at an altitude of 65,000 ft (20 kilometres), in the stratosphere, carrying payloads that will acquire high-value data.


Prototype Aircraft

Designed to test subsystems such as autopilot, solar power management and communications, our prototype aircraft have already topped records for continual flight hours.


High Altitude Balloons

High altitude balloon flights are testing communications, navigation, avionics, autopilot systems, thermal modelling, thermal management and real-time environmental monitoring.

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