Data Intelligence

Kea Aerospace will solve the problem that lies at the heart of Earth Observation and Data Intelligence. Currently it is difficult for the end user to obtain frequent high-resolution, multispectral aerial imagery cost-effectively via an effective data supply chain.

Aerial Imaging

Data Delivery

Enabling Informed Decision-Making

Kea Aerospace will design a fully-automated data pipeline to manage massive data loads from its Kea Atmos fleet that will operate in a constant monitoring mode. Kea Aerospace’s antenna ground station network will ensure both efficient mission operations and successful transmission of imagery data in real-time. Downlinked imagery will be post-processed and stitched together and then transferred to the company’s cloud infrastructure. From there, it will be introduced into Kea Aerospace’s data analysis and distribution pipeline to be delivered to customers.

Customer Value Chain

Delivering Actionable Intelligence

Kea Aerospace will manage the entire data pipeline, from data acquisition to analysis, through to delivering valuable aerial business intelligence direct to our customers.

This will allow us to eliminate the main inconveniences current users of aerial imaging products are facing right now, from headaches about data storing and post-processing, manual interference removal, overpaying for small areas and wasted resources.

We will offer customised subscriptions to our data platform and provide our customers with exceptional, quick access to the business intelligence they need.

Kea Atmos captures data in the aerial imaging sweet spot


End users download the data they need from our delivery platform


Images are processed, corrected, stitched together and stored


We transform our data into actionable intelligence