Data Intelligence

We’re making it easier and more cost-effective to acquire insightful aerial intelligence.

Bridging The Aerial Data Gap

Detecting changes in our environment is currently costly and difficult to obtain because accessing high-quality, frequent aerial data is only achievable through satellites and manned aircraft.

Satellites offer low-resolution images, limited orbits and high operational costs, and while crewed aircraft provide higher-resolution images, they are expensive to operate and can only achieve infrequent coverage.

Instead, the Kea Atmos operates in a sweet spot for cost-effective, high-resolution aerial imaging from the stratosphere. But more than just better data, we’re working towards streamlined management of the entire pipeline – from data acquisition and storage to analysis and delivery. 

This means improved data intelligence, at a higher frequency and at a much lower cost. View current projects.

Enabling Informed Decision-Making

A fully-automated data pipeline manages massive data loads from the Kea Atmos aircraft fleet, reducing data and processing roadblocks, interference removal and wasted resources.

  • Our antenna ground station network will ensure both efficient mission operations and the successful transmission of imagery data in real-time. 
  • Downlinked imagery will be post-processed and stitched together and then transferred to the company’s cloud infrastructure. 
  • Data will then be introduced into Kea Aerospace’s data analysis and distribution pipeline to be delivered to stakeholders.

Delivering Actionable Intelligence

With customised subscriptions to our data platform, our customers will get exceptional, swift access to the business intelligence they need to make more informed decisions, faster.


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