About Kea Aerospace

Kea Aerospace was formed in 2018. Located in Christchurch, New Zealand the company is focused on developing innovative aerospace technology and building the local aerospace ecosystem.


Our vision is to create aerospace technology for the benefit of people and the planet.

The Kea Atmos aircraft is a game-changer for the aerial imaging industry. It will give the full data picture that’s needed to monitor land, waterways and coastline. Being solar-powered with zero emissions, it’s also the ideal technology solution for climate change research.

Kea Aerospace is also passionate about developing a world-class aerospace ecosystem in Christchurch and Canterbury. Our team founded the local industry body, Aerospace Christchurch, which resulted in the instigation of the Christchurch Aerospace Sector Plan. Christchurch is the first city in New Zealand to have a space strategy and has a well-connected aerospace community that’s building strong momentum.

Leadership Team

Mark Rocket was the seed investor and Co-Director of Rocket Lab from 2007 to 2011.  Rocket Lab went from startup phase to New Zealand’s first space launch and then went on to win contracts with international aerospace agencies. This established an entirely new space industry in New Zealand. He has also been operating internet and data companies for over 22 years and was a Founder of New Zealand Tourism Online, which became New Zealand’s leading commercial tourism directory, before being sold to Telecom Yellowpages in 2006.

Dr. Philipp Sueltrop worked for over 3 and a half years at the German Aerospace Center in the department for unmanned aircraft. Also, being a rocket scientist, he has the right credentials to lead our technical team in designing and operating our stratospheric aircraft. Philipp is an Edmund Hillary Fellow.

Dr. Wolfgang Leitner joined the ANDRITZ management board as Chief Financial Officer in 1987 and has served as President and CEO of ANDRITZ since 1994. In 1999, Wolfgang Leitner together with financial investors acquired ANDRITZ and took it public in 2001. Today, Wolfgang Leitner through a private trust owns approximately 31,5 % of ANDRITZ’ shares. In 1985 he was a founding member of a pharmaceutical company, seeing the successful flotation of its eastern European subsidiaries on the Budapest Stock Exchange and their subsequent acquisition by a US Company. Wolfgang Leitner has been a frequent venture capital investor, amongst others in medical devices, fintechs and secure authentication holograms, but also in agriculture and forestry.

Anna Kominik has extensive governance and senior leadership experience, having worked in organisations of all sizes and at all stages of the business cycle over her career. Most recently, Anna was Asia Pacific Director of Wisk – sitting on the US executive and working with a multinational team to bring to market one of the world’s first self-flying electric air taxis. Prior to Wisk, Anna has worked in Government and the Corporate sector and established her own businesses. Anna was named a finalist in the 2021 Women of Influence, and, in 2022, was recognised as a global influencer for her work in helping shape the emerging electric vertical takeoff and landing industry.

Mark Rocket

Chief Executive Officer & Company Director

Dr. Philipp Sueltrop

Chief Technology Officer & Company Director

Dr. Wolfgang Leitner

Company Director
Wolfgang Leitner

Anna Kominik

Independent Director