New Zealand Aerospace Jobs

Want to take your career to the stratosphere?

Kea Aerospace is rapidly building an outstanding team for flight testing and operations.

Job Listings

We’re planning to have multiple Summer internships (around five) and will post a job ad on Seek in mid-June. All internship applications will be reviewed through Seek (and a project portfolio will be requested), so please check back on this page for the link.

We have two vacancies currently available:

If you feel you have absolutely outstanding attributes that we should consider, then you can email us a general position application.  Please attach a CV in PDF format and feel free to add more details about projects that you have been passionate about.

Team Culture

We believe that diversity and equality are crucial aspects of building an outstanding team.

Having varied perspectives and experiences helps generate better ideas to solve the complex problems of a changing – and increasingly diverse – world.

In recruiting for our team, we welcome the unique contributions that you can bring to Kea Aerospace.

We’re pleased to be announced as a 2023 Top 100 Company with MATCHSTIQ.

Company Values

Our vision is “to be the world-leader in stratospheric flight operation and data collection”. Our mission is “creating insights from the stratosphere that will improve life on our planet”.

Kea Aerospace’s three guiding values are:

  • In it for the mission.  Improve life on our planet.
  • Making a difference.   Innovate and create cool stuff.
  • Push the boundaries.   Imagine tomorrow, do today.

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